From Sign-Painter to Artist


I’ve always had an inclination towards to the arts since as early as I can recall. Before I even realized my own artistic ability I gravitated towards composition in my choice of careers. I began as a Sign Painter and Calligrapher, where I painted large sign panels, Real estate Signs, Billboards, Illustrations, logos, Full architectural renderings for construction sites, as well as vehicle lettering. As technology evolved for Fine Arts in NY State I needed to as well, and discovered a talent for Graphic Design.

Although I tried to hang on to the old way as long as I could the world of Computerized Vinyl Graphics was underway and there was no stopping it. The one thing I didn’t see is how it would form my career instead of breaking it.

If your interested in consignment work I can do pet portraits, Landscape, Wildlife and Sea Life.

John Catalfamo

Artist John J. Catalfamo


As computers became faster and more reliable, the industry insisted on increasingly better results. The sign industry and the printing industry were melding  as both realized the codependency that had begun to form. This technological shift allowed me to acquire a position with a Printer who was in need of someone to manage his sign business.

Because my world was changing faster than I could compete with, I found it necessary to acquire formal technical training. l attended Computer Visions and New Horizons for several years, learning everything I could about graphic design, software and web design. Presently I am a full time UI UX designer for NYS NYBE and I just love the work.

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