A little information on my background

When it comes to training most people don’t have a very good plan and spens very little time deciding who they want for training. That’s why I think  you should know a bit more about me your teacher before you go ahead and make a purchase.

Course One Wildlife Painting Class     Second Course    Wildlife Painting Class Tigers Reflection

I’ve been painting one thing or another since I was just a child and I have always loved the work and the attention. I admit it I’m one of those attention hogs, and I never seem to get enough. I started out as a sign painter of all things, although the work was exhausting it was a great training to give me the skills I needed. However, if I have to paint “For Sale by Owner” one more time there will be blood! For 15 years I did something different and for the most part I liked it.

I started to draw and paint very young but then it was all about cartooning and comic books. I loved the expressions and exaggerated movements, but mostly the action scenes. This is the best way for a new artist to start learning body structure and composition.

My experience started in the sign industry as a Sign Painter and Calligrapher for local company’s where I painted large sign panels, Real estate Signs, Billboards, Illustrations and logos, Full architectural renderings for construction sites, and vehicle lettering. When the sign industry was introduced to the computer industry, I learn the graphics applications needed to make vinyl lettering. So, there was no more paint brushes. However fine arts is my first love and I can’t imagine not painting.

I have done a lot of different type of work and in various kinds of media such as oil, acrylics, charcoal, calligraphy, wood carving and so much more. For the past 20 years I have worked in the website design field as a UX UI designer while it is vastly different from fine arts work it is a great way to make a leaving.

Well now I can’t say that I loved the web development industry, it’s mostly painful and boring but it pays the bills So, 30 years later and now it’s time to do what I love “Art” and my work is getting better with each canvas. I guess I love wildlife because it is the best way for me to express emotion without having to deal with humans. Animals are the most expressive and vibrant creatures and no matter how many paintings I do I always find something new.

My hope in the work is to offer some feeling or emotion from my work but I have to admit it’s mostly a work that self-serving.  I love everything about this and I thank God every chance I get for giving me the talent.