Getting Started with Acrylic Brushes

Building Your Arsenal of Brushes The Right Way Every artist who uses acrylic paints knows that choosing the best brushes for acrylic painting is essential! Finding a good, sturdy and reliable brush is so important for revealing all of acrylics’ best properties. A correctly chosen brush will help you lay down your paint easily, making any kind of stroke in the technique you use, while creating the most stunning outcome. Paint brushes matter very much,

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Building the Artist in your social world!

While it is true that certain types of art are more popular than others, it is my personal belief that holding true to your own style will serve you best. To start off, I have been a professional artist for well over 40 years, and my work has been at galleries and art and craft shows all over NY. The one thing that holds true is that people seem to go for what they want

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