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Online Wildlife Painting Class


This class will offer 6 full training videos on the following subjects.

  1. The course will cover prep and paint mixing techniques as well as composition.
  2. The first layer wash and basic shading, and color mixing
  3. Painting hair and the final layers with details, as well as the use of lighting.

For each class we will work through the process of creating a piece of art based on the photo of a particular subject, from the initial sketch to the final layer process.


Included with course:

  1. Five Videos the teach the full process of painting in acrylics to completion.
  2. This course includes unlimited access to all course video no time limits.
  3. A Contact email for difficult questions or issues
  4. Access to the 45 years of knowledge of the artist 7 days a week
  5. Product and supplies help and great references to help you get the best tools.

The list below is all you will need to take this course:

  • One 16×20 Canvas
  • 1 Painter palette
  • Paints and brushes
  • 1 Easel (Table-Top Model) or any model available
  • 1 White Gesso
  • Painter’s Smock

You will also need to purchase the book, Drawing Animals 101: How to Draw with a Veterinarian’s Eye. Only $19.95 on Amazon


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