Inspired By Life, I Paint What I Love

Painting is a means of expressing the joy brought to us by the beauty that surrounds us.


The muse with which my art first began, Wildlife has driven me to capture the enigmatic beauty of the Earth for years.

From the indigenous species easily observed in our own backyards to exotic specimens thousands of miles from home, the opportunity for artistic imitation is limitless.

It challenges me as an artist, as well. The manner in which colors bend and combine within animal and landscape encourages me to constantly attain a new degree of realism, and foster my ability to educate myself in new techniques as well.

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The sea life collection began back in 2016 when I decided to expand upon my work.

These paintings are a dynamic collection of insightful compositions that display sharp, vivid color along with a realistic view of the underwater world.

Depicting the serenity of Sea Life has been a passion of mine for year. From my time Cozumel Mexico to visits at the Boston Aquarium I have always been mesmerized by the grace and beauty of life within the ocean.

I am beyond pleased with the progress of this collection, which includes full color works of tortoises and a variety of tropical fish. Many additional works in this collection are planned for 2020 so be sure to check back often.

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Artistic representations of architectural feats aren’t new by any means. They are, however, diverse and always evolving.

If one takes a mere moment to consider the complexity that goes into designing even the simplest building, it’s easy to understand why these structures have the ability to capture out imagination.

Blending the natural beauty of water, foliage, and environment creates and even more captivating image, allowing the viewer to escape into the beauty, if even for a mere moment.

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