Wildlife Paintings New York NY

The last few years have been hard for everyone and I think this is the best time to start getting back to normal. Taking the time to bring your art skills up to a new level can be great fun . This course takes you through all the steps and preparation to creating a professional wildlife painting and so much more.

Sign up for one of my web based art classes and get the step-by-step process. I walk you through layout and composition so when your done you end up with a painting you can be proud of. Because I have worked as a professional artist for over 40 years and have been in galleries and art shows all over NY state. I have learn all the trick and techniques with my detailed as you go process. This web based art training includes all you will need to jump to the next level.

Because I have spent so much time working on our web based art classes I wanted to guarantee growth as time passes. So I decided to offer 10% off on the next class you order. Having enough content and videos is important to you also to me so, I am hard at work creating even more great course material.

The links will take you to all my web based art classes, so order yours today and get started now. Wildlife Paintings New York NY

Tigers Reflection 101

March 2020 Beginners

Tiger Reflection Painting Class 101

Wildlife Painting Class 102

June 2021 New

Giraffe Smiles

May 2022 Coming Soon

Giraffe Smiles