Learn to paint in Acrylics with the best online art training.

Trying to pick an Art Instructor in this economy can be a very daunting process, so that’s why we put together what I think is the best of the best. You know it’s not enough to offer training online with great videos you also have to provide a great support line. If you’re looking for classes in art such as landscape, wildlife art, ocean life, and just instructional fine arts training we have it all.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on in the industry, artist are loosing work, craft shows shutting down, art galleries going out of business but there is hope. One of the best ways to improve you sales it to go back to the basics and learn and improve your skills as much as you can, be the artist that stands out from the pack. In addition to our paid classes we post once a month a new free video class available to anyone no matter if your a beginner or professional.

Here’s what you’re going to learn.

All of my painting classes are dynamic courses that will give you a head start in professional painting structures and layering. Giving you a good composition and offering detailed instructions on how to create realistic projects. Are classes include the fallowing:

  • Sketch and supplies breakdown
  • Composition and layout
  • Color mixing
  • Background base-coats
  • Shading and mid tones
  • Details and finish up
  • Prepping the canvas with a quality finish
  • Free video lessons with new one’s posted each month.
Art Instructor John Catalfamo

Finishing with a bang!

Let’s say your just about done with you first painting and you need help, so just send an email there is always a way to get help with Albany Fine Arts. Within the same day someone will get back to you with an answer so you’re not just stuck. That’s one of the many things that separates us for the rest. Don’t waist another minute get professional training and avoid making all the mistakes I already, and believe me I’ve made a lot. Also we can provide insider information on suppliers, products tips, craft shows, and tips on how to get into galleries and art groups.

The best part about my online training classes is you can take them over and over again no limitations. Be sure to take your time pause the class as you go through and work at your own speed. Remember my first rule there are no mistakes just small interruptions that give us an opportunity to learn

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